Short Story: Finding James
Finding James (Part 1)
Debris surrounded the home. What was left of the home, anyway. The whole suburb had been leveled, with few survivors. Of the survivors was a girl named Carly. Carly and her family; which consisted of her, her mother Anne and older brother, Josh. Her father and youngest sister had been crushed under the stubble of their fallen home. They all knew the time would come when a foreign country would attack. But why now? Carly wondered as she pushed pieces of brick off her bloodied legs. Her mother whimpered as stood. Dusty from limb to limb. Carly just stared in the distance thinking of her friend. His name was James, and she had known him her whole life. She always had deep feelings for him, but he never seemed to noticed. Carly relented the fact that James had been in and out of relationships because he just wanted love. She wanted to just scream in his face that she loved him, but she wasnt like that. He needed to come to her. But now that the whole neighborhood seemed to be flattened she couldn’t help but think about looking for him. Her mother would never allow it. She wasnt allowed to ever go off by herself, why now? But she was about to. Carly walked over to her brother. He looked at her, face dirty as if he was in a coal mine. ”I am going to look for James, keep mom safe.” As Carly began to walk off Josh grabbed her arm. ”Where do you think you’re going? Do you not realize what happened?” Carly was taken off-guard by his response. Usually he was the one who disobeyed their mom’s wishes to fulfill his desires. Carly had always respected her parents, and she never flirted with anything that her parents wouldn’t approve of. Now here she was, for the first time planning to disobey, and Josh was going to stop her? ”I need to see if he is alright, and i know that mom won’t be ok with it, but i will be fine. Just leave me be, and keep mom calm.” Josh let go of her arm. ”be careful” he replied. Carly hugged him, looked in the distance, and started off to find James.
Finding James (Part 2)
The sky was overcast and it started to rain. Carly hated being rained on, but it was the last thing on her mind. She stepped on something and realized it was her neighbor, Mr. Wellington. He was never nice to her. She remembered when she was a kid she accidentally kicked a soccer ball into his yard, and he practically reamed her for it. But she still had respect for the dead. She regretted not seeing where she was walking, and stepped over him, to continued her journey, but noticed a noise. It was a cry. A man’s cry. she began following the noise, and found where it was coming from. Underneath a wall from a house. Carly couldn’t walk away, but didn’t know what to do. she walked around the square and saw an opening. ”Hello?” the crying stopped. ”Please help me!” She recognized the voice. it was the psychotic man who lived around the corner. He reached his hand out from under the wall. ”Pull me!” Carly reached for him and grabbed his arm. His hand was swollen and purple. obviously broken. ”AHHH!” he screamed. ”I’m sorry” it was all Carly could say as she dragged him out. As more and more of his body became visible she wondered how he was still breathing. His legs, from his knees down, were completely severed, and the rest was swollen and gory. The man whimpered and gritted his teeth in pain. Carly knew he wouldn’t live much longer. his blood loss was too great. She saw in the distance was a metal spear-shaped pole, and she knew what to do. rather than walk off leaving the poor man to suffer, she would make it easier on him. ”Just close your eyes. It will be okay.” the man followed her directions, and sniffled. Carly grabbed the metal shard and walked over to lunge it in his heart. blood spewed out and the man took one final breath before going limp.
Finding James (part 3)
Carly had walked over three miles, and James only lived a mile away. she had spent hours looking under all the piles of brick. Everything seemed surreal. Like a war scene of a sci-fi movie. Carly noticed out of her peripheral James’s car. it was overturned and crunched in. She ran over to it to see if he might be in it. Of all the damage done to the car, The windows hadn’t been broken completely. Without thinking, Carly punched the driver window in. She winced in pain as the glass shards gashed her wrist open. She ignored the pain and looked in the car to see James not conscience. Carly reached in and clinched his arm and began to drag him out. Blood was all over him. His nose appeared to be broken and his forehead was cut deeply. The blood had already dried, making it easier on Carly’s stomach. The sight of blood made her uneasy. She felt for his pulse and it was still beating. Breathing a sigh of relief she began shaking him softly trying to wake him up. He squinted his eyes and reached for the gash on his head. ”Carly? What happened?” He sat up. ”I’m not sure. I think we have been attacked.” A look of panic grew on his face ”ATTACKED?! By like a foreign country??” Carly was just as surprised as he was, but she had seen the results of the bombing for a few hours. ”Yes. It hasn’t quite set in with me yet, but it has happened and all we can do now is find shelter. Are you ok? can you walk?” Carly was relieved that James was alive and now she had to go back to her mother and brother. ”Well I think I look worse than i actually am. God definitely has mercy on me.” Carly smiled. ”Well, then how ’bout we look for your parents?” James was just happy he was alive. He felt so selfish that he didn’t even think about if his parents were ok. The last thing he remembered was pulling up the driveway of his home, and his parents hadn’t yet gotten home from their work. He said a quick prayer that they were still alive. ”Is your family ok?” Carly was the type that when something devastating happened she would panic at first, but then push away the facts of reality. Her coping mechanism was oblivion. She refused to believe that her father and siblings were gone. She looked away with glossy eyes, and took a deep breath. ”I left my mom and my brother to come find you. I need to go back.” James knew that she was hiding pain. He walked over to her and hugged her from behind. Carly turned and buried her face into his chest, and began sobbing. James started to cry with her. He loved her with all his being, and hated to see her in pain. ”I will go through this with you, Carly. All the way till the end.” Carly looked him in the eyes and he leaned in to kiss her gently. ”I love you James. More than I can explain.” James smiled. ”I love you too, Carly. I can’t imagine life without you.” They kissed again and parted ways. James went on the search for his parents, and Carly went back to her remaining family.


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