What on earth am I doing here?
When not too long ago I thought we’d be together
Why didn’t it work out?
Did i not love you enough? Did you not love me?
Someone please tell me.
I’ve cried for months now
I miss you more than ever
I thought the love I have for you would fade soon when we parted
But it didn’t, its grown stronger
And I’m left miserable, depressed, and heartbroken.
The only way my heart can be mended
Is with love
Because that’s how it broke,
Stitches won’t work, they just rip and tear it more
Leaving me to reflect on the past that I abhor
Oh, can’t I just forget it!?
Everything that I thought I knew ripped away at the seams
Shredded into pieces full of lies right in front of me
I thought I knew you
I thought it would work
But I was wrong
And now I regret falling
Falling for you and the lies you secreted
They built up and exploded
and I got the punishment
that you should have gotten
Its not fair,
I need you now,
But can’t find you anywhere.
I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of regret
A sea of misery
A sea of memories
A sea of love
Why did you leave me, when I gave you so much
My whole body trembles at the sight of you being with another
I thought we would be perfect for each other
But now that we’ve gone separate ways
You seem oblivious to what was
You don’t seem to care about our love
Don’t say that it wasn’t love
You told me you loved me!
Don’t say that you lied
After you kissed me and held me,
I know that you did love me!
And I know you still do!
I can’t stand to bare the idea that I will never be with you
People say “there are others
Open your eyes, look around
There are many people who are looking for you right now”,
People need true love
People have been heartbroken
People need mending
They need a home, they need security, they need eternal love, that lasts more than just a ‘feeling’,
They need genuine love, no ordinary love, but but the kind that goes through it all.
Thick and thin.
Hot and cold.
Bad times and the good times.
When your happy and sad
In sickness and in health.
We all need that agape love.
But it is limited
With so many narcissistic people
How can it be found?
How will I move on when I’ve never found anyone like you?
I’ve never had such strong feelings for a being.
Why did we give up?
So many questions, but not enough answers.
All I want and need in life is to get back with you and live happily ever after.


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