Dear X, I Love You


Dear X
ive known you for as long as i can remember
and i know you will probably never read this, but let me just say
i think about you all the time
when i wake, to when i go to bed, you are whats on my mind
ever since you left, and moved away
i remember staying up late thinking about the day
that you would come back
pick me up
swing me in the air and make me your princess
hug me so tight i forget to breathe
you are my fresh breath of air, youre all i need
oxygen is like a toxic poison compared to what your love provides me
if only you knew
the love i have for you
but instead you are oblivious
youve been in and out of pointless relationships
because you are looking for love,
but what you dont understand
is love, has been wating for you
love has been on your doorstep just wating on the day you open your door
i remember when i had no friends and you would invite me in
time and time again
no matter how weird i may have seemed to others
you looked at me for what i truly was inside,
and helped me push away the tears i tried to hide
i had so much hurt because i waas never accepted
and to tell you the truth
i still am finding it hard to be accepted
but thats ok
i can live with that
i dont need a thousand ”friends”
i need people to be with me to the end
and the loyal support ive seen you give people
and the heart you pour out shows your compassion
it makes me melt
to be with someone as genuine as you, for the rest of my life
its all i could ever ask for
and if you are reading this
i love you
i want you
i have wated for you
and until you come, i will continue wating for you

Dear x, please dont give up the fight
i know you have pain inside
you have been left too many a time
i know all you want is to feel loved and secured
and i can provide that for you in a heartbeat
dear x, i am here for you
and as long as it takes for you to realize that i love you,
i will be a shoulder for you, and a supporter of you, and a friend to you.
dear x, i love you.


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