You Walked Away


Don’t worry about me
I’m a way better person than to give into irrelevant feelings
My feelings don’t matter
At least that’s how I feel sometimes
I haven’t cried in what seems like forever
Because I’m numb to the emptiness inside
Your love is like a tonic
It cures every disease in my body
I am a tarnished creature
With a wicked heart
And a dirty mind
You cleanse me and make me whole
But only lasted for a short time
You are what I relent
You made me so happy and so high
But when you left I became dead inside
You brought me so far just to drop me below
Now I am in what feels like hell
Why do you go?
I loved you!
I was there for you!
I cared for you and I carried you through disaster
When to storms came we stood like a stronghold
Nothing would overpower us
Because we were bound by the chains of eternal love
But that chain broke
My heart broke
I broke
And you didn’t care
As if we had never ever shared eye contact for the first time
You walked away
As if we never met
You walked away
As if you never loved me
You walked away
And now I am a hollow soul
Because you walked away


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