Contemplating Death

Beautifully written. This guy has some amazing poetry 🙂


Just where death is expecting you
is something we cannot know;
so, for your part, expect him everywhere.
—- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

With the weight of solitude in my heart
and a taste of emptiness in my mouth,
I drown in an ocean of idleness
to look back at the years being spent since I was born!

How much courage must I have, to admit
that my life has been through its golden days by now?
Should have learned to let go, yet here I am
still clinging to my dreams, though why I do not know!

Life is beautiful no doubt but death is prettier,
a thousandfold at least, for beauty can not be
as fragile and ephemeral as human life!

But death is like the portals of eternity,
calm and never faltering, while my flesh and skin
start decaying to free my soul, imprisoned inside!


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