Why do I worry what others think of me
Because it doesn’t matter at all all what they think
What I believe
And what I stand for
What I am convicted about
And what I’m not convicted about
What I dress like
What I listen to
What I say
And where I go to
Its my choice
Others have no say in what I do
I’m not being immoral
I’m not swearing left and right
I’m not watching porn videos and partying all night
So why do I care what they think of me??
Those people with no problems
DO Have problems
We all have our issues
So why point fingers?
Why preach at one another?
Point one finger at me and five point back to you
Worry about yourself and not what others do
I hold myself to high enough standards
Going any higher and my head would explode from all the pressure
I am happy where I am
And i am satisfied where i stand
Not being all high and mighty doesn’t make you a better person
It makes you someone that no one can stand
They can’t be around a hypocritical person
Saying one thing
And doing another
Or maybe even sticking to it and being the most boring person ever
I won’t be like that
I’m not going to be this picture perfect christian
I refuse to limit myself to what you say
is the correct way
The right way
And the only way
That’s not okay
And there is no way
That I will ever again try to be like that
I have learned a lot about myself
And I have learned why my happiness has been gone
My joy has been stalled
Like a lemon junker clunker on the side of the road
My true happiness for a couple months now has been froze
But I found out tonight what was the cause
Its when I decided to give up what you said I needed to get rid of
You made me throw a part of me away
But I have brought it back
And there’s nothing off track now
I am back to my normal self
And there’s not stopping me now
Take me as I am
Or not at all
Take me for what I am
Or move right along
I won’t waste my time on some fun sucker perfectionist
So go find someone else
And be their antagonist.


5 thoughts on “Antagonist”

  1. Good for u. I’m glad I’m not the only wonderful nutter who’s reached that conclusion. I’d like to read a rant about how wonderful u are next please 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 x


  2. Yeah. I got sick and tired of trying to meet others standards. I am perfectly fine on my own, and i don’t need someone else’s approval… unless its my mom and dad! lol

    Liked by 1 person

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