Faith unravelling
As she falls yet again
Pleading God to help her
Regain her strength
Strength to keep on going
Strength to keep believing
To ignore the Devil’s devices and temptations to lose faith…
She wants to give up
But she wants to endure the fight
Ensure a victory
And not to lose sight
Of the one true God who battles for her acceptance
For her belief in Him alone.
With the path so hard
And the road so long
She struggles so much
To just move on
The boulders of the world full of sin are too heavy to bear
The fog of all the self-pleasures, hide all the shame that follows
But hindsight that none of the paths will be easy,
And the only way to make it through
Is by God’s love and mercy
Be still and know
That God will protect
God won’t neglect
His child in need
He hears our cries
And He wipes our eyes
He seals the wounds when we fall and make mistakes
By his blood we are healed completely
By the sacrifice he made
Faith in God should never be doubted
But time and time again is
Why when He has failed to leave our side?
The demons that oppress
Can make such a mess
Warping our minds
To believe that God left us for some time.
When the seas are treacherous
and the way is rough
Look to God above
See Him staring back down
See his hands under you
See His arms blocking disaster
See his smiling face
He lovingly cares for you!
Never doubt it
Never forget it
Keep it fresh in your mind and heart that God died for you
He was made a Crucifix for you
Hung to a tree
To brutally die for every being

His holy body ripped to shreds
So horrendous He became unrecognizable as a human

His righteous head,
Spat upon and and disgraced by the world

His perfect side
Pierced for our transgressions

He was bruised for our iniquities
The weight of hell was upon Him
The way to Heaven was paid by Him
And we doubt His existence
We doubt His ability
To help pay a college bill, weekly groceries and
An insurance plan for families
He offers the ultimate insurance plan
Its free
He already paid for it
Accept it!
It lasts for eternity!
All damage that is done
Will be not only perfected-
But replaced
Our bodies made new
Our scars and disabilities down the drain
All it takes is faith
Believe on Jesus’s name!
And be saved
From sin
From the incarceration of depression
From the temptations in life
From the world itself that causes harm in many ways…
All it takes is faith
Believe and be free


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