What It Could’ve Been


I want you more than ever before
But you are out of my reach
You are not an option
You are too great a cost for what I would receive
I begged for you
But begged in vain
So I finally moved on and settled for something plain
Time has passed and here I am looking at you again
Mouth drooling
Wishing I could be with you
Eyes teary
Wishing I could be with you
Heart breaking again
Wishing I could just be with you
For one year
For one month
To get out of this bunch
This hold reality has
These chains I grab
pulling left and right they cut deep into my flesh
Chains of longing
For something I should’ve gotten
But was taken
From me
From another’s selfishness
Another’s ignorance
Someone who betrayed my life story
To fulfill their own wickedness
I lost out on an amazing pleasure
My life was set!
It was going to be great!
But now I am stuck here
And it sucks
Going somewhere I never thought of
Settling for less isn’t my forte
But I guess its time to start excepting it
I gotta roll with the punches
and drink it
Swallow it
Gulp it down before it comes back up
A ball forms in my throat at the sight of what things could’ve been
Snatched right out of my cold weak hand
I didn’t even have a choice to make
It was all in someone else’s hands
They ruined things for me
And forgiving them is a hard thing
Holding a grudge is against my morals
But it is now prevailing in my mind
I find myself wanting to cry
Thinking of what it could’ve been!
Oh how great it could’ve been…


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