Breathe Again


Water gulped through her lungs
She comes up spewing

Eyes bloodshot and burning
The breath of air would be like a glimpse of heaven
Paralysis from the whirlpool of sin
Controlled by the currents that kept her in

She swam with her uttermost strength
But nothing happened
Just loss of energy

The humiliation of her own weakness
Seemed to drown her continually
The air she grasped for
Too far from her reach

The crowds laughter
Like the jaws of sharks teeth
Chewing her up
Eating her soul
Ripping her heart apart

Tears hidden
By the water she’s trapped in

She just wants to breathe again.
One breath.
For one second.
Then back in to the torment of life.
Life had become an overwhelming whirlpool.
Holding her
Keeping her from leaving it
No freedom
No happiness
Just incarceration
Just depression

The chasm that separates
The sea from the sky
Can only be crossed with someone on the other side
Not by one’s power alone

Who will pull her through?
Who will reach down to drag her up?
She is drowning
Who will dive in to save her?
Who will catch her and
Be her hero,
Be her rescuer,
Be her safety,
The love of her life,
Her security,
Her husband,
Her friend;
Until the end?

Who will let her breathe again?


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