I am socially awkward
And I am overweight
I don’t have any friends
And my hygiene isn’t that great

I am the one sitting alone
At the lunch table at school
Waiting on someone to come over and talk to me

All my life I have seen hate;
Pain and suffering.
Something has always hurt me.
I am not normal,
I’ve been told,
I’ve also been told I should’ve died long ago.

I trust no one;
I’ve learned I can’t
Because people bail on you,
And fail you,
Time and time again.

My whole life I’ve been bullied;
All I’ve ever wanted is to feel loved, cherished, and
To know someone will care about me.

Since I was born I’ve been treated awful
And until I die I will endure a struggle.

I’m always on the move
Each place I live is only temporary
And besides my mother who smokes and drinks every day
I don’t have any family.

All of this I felt until I met someone
Who fulfilled my desire to be loved;
And he even died for me at one point.

I’ve talked to him ever since I met him,
And even tho I can’t see him
I feel his presence.

He really changed every part about me,
Now when people bully me,
I feel bad for where they are heading.

My destination is heaven,
And theirs is nowhere.

They are going nowhere in life,
They live in the moment,
But when they are dead they will
look back at all the times
I witnessed to them,
And they will ask for help.

But it will be too late.

They all think I am ignorant
But really I am much smarter than them.
I think in the long run where my life will be
And I don’t want to head down the road of misery.
I am the bullied christian and this is my story.


9 thoughts on “Bullied”

  1. im not sure y but i thought this not be about you as such. but sorry to hear its happening to hear to anyone. for your thoughts, i like the way you write. hope things change for them & they know of your smiles 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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