For Cecilia

This is so beautiful words can’t describe. Take this in and truly think about it, because it happens. This is amazing.

In Response To This World

They say it happened so quickly.

But what they meant was that it happened so fast that they almost meant it.

But what they really meant was that they did miss it,

because it didn’t happen quickly,

it happened quietly.

Because she had no one to run to,

she had no one to cry to,

and she had no one to hold on to.

In the eighth grade she was weird because she sat quietly,

trying to fit in,

hoping that the teacher wouldn’t call on her for the homework she never did,

because fourteen was too young to mother her sister,

while mother was working,

and father was drinking.

Let it sink into your mind,

makes you think more than you’d like.

She was only fourteen,

I guess life can be mean.

Freshman year was about making friends,

but instead of fitting in with the trends,

she was praying…

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