There Is None Other


There is none other like my God
Go ahead, try and contradict me.
No one and nothing can compare
To His unobtainable deity.
He is:
The Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the end
The Creator of the universe and life is formed by Him.
He is:
Divine and
He is a Faithful friend.
When you need someone to talk to,
You can always count on Him.
He is God and He is
The Healer,
Because his love for us is
He is a Jealous God,
And He is the King.
And we should ne’er forget
He was a crucifix to prove He is
Love for all beings.
He graciously bestows Mercy, that we can never understand
He makes us New
And he cleanses our most vile and wicked sins;
To save our souls from hell and make us free of sin time and time again.
He is Omnipotent
All Powerful
No god can match His strength
And overall,
He is the ultimate Quintessential God,
that we should look to in reverence and awe.
He is the Redeemer
And our Savior,
He is Truthful and Unspeakable,
He is Virtuous and Wondrous,
He is the X-factor that can’t be measured up to,
He is Yahweh who reigns in Zion-
There is none other like my God!


5 thoughts on “There Is None Other”

  1. Awesome posting! I often get inspired by your poems to/of our King. Continue to be the light of His church everlasting. And have a blessed weekend worshipping 🙂

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