Habits and Wishes


Spiraling down,
I lost control.
I wonder when
I gain dominance over myself.
My habits and wishes,
Authorizing my actions;
And my desire to stay going the right direction.
I am constantly pulled the wrong way,
No matter how much I try to concentrate;
On what is truly the wisest and smartest decisions;
I need to gain control of worldly wisdom.
They say to follow your heart,
And enact your dreams.
But the heart is wicked
And not as it seems.
If I were to follow it I will drown:
Drown into a sea of abominations;
Things God abhors,
Yet things the world adores…
But i don’t want to be conformed to this world
I want God to look down
And be proud,
Of me, part of his creation,
Not something that is following Satan.
Now I understand this sounds like an exaggeration,
But its not,
If I am a Christian, then i should act like a Christian.
The definition of christian
Is “Christ-like”,
So if I don’t exemplify Christ
I am not a true christian, right?
I am saved yes.
But not always a christian.
My habits and wishes in life
Sometimes they don’t glorify Christ.
Since God is with me everywhere I go
I don’t want to be ashamed of what I show.
That music.
That movie.
That place.
That language.
What you think.
That apparel.
That website history.
That stuff you smoke
That stuff you drink.
Does it glorify God?
Could you see him doing it?
Be honest, ponder this.
A beer bottle in Jesus’ hand?
A cigarette?
How bout piercings or tats?
Now… I have piercings, and I absolutely love tattoos
But I don’t think that’s what God wants me to do.
I don’t believe it’s a sin…
But that has become my conviction
I don’t want to mark up my “temple”
I don’t want to have long conversations with people
About why I have tats
If you doubt it
don’t do it
Because its probably the wrong thing.
Habits and wishes are inborn in us
We need to control it before it controls us.


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