Stupid People


I am starting to think that patience is a talent.
Some people got it.
Some people don’t.
I know I don’t have it.
Because wanting to smack a person in the face from stupidity,
is a prevalent part of my thinking.
Envisioning it is sometimes why I randomly laugh
With a smirk on my face.
Other might even look at me strange and ask?
“What are you thinking?”
I just smile and walk away.
Leaving them to imagine.
Maybe this is why people think of me as strange.
But they should appreciate me walking away
Because usually I am holding myself back from
Hitting them into next week
Or punching
Or maybe
Kicking them so hard they can’t sit for a week
Or smacking
Maybe even
Because they are so
So ignorant
Its hard to believe.
Maybe this is just me…



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