Enjoying Life


All I could see was darkness
That fell upon me fast.
I lost my sense of how much time had past.
Casting my line outdoors,
While shifting my eyes back and forth;
Exploring nature and creations beauty.
Oh, how it is so lovely!
The crisp clean waters,
And the reeds that abound.
The moon and stars’ reflection surround.
Lighting my path
To depart the lake,
And arrive at home
Before it gets too late.
These evening times I cherish so much;
To see when the sun sets to a gorgeous dusk,
And the lake turns into orange glass;
It never gets old
I wish it would last.
But it transforms into a brand new scene.
The water turns black and white,
And the day turns night.
Just one of the things I love to pass time,
Is fishing and enjoying life.



10 thoughts on “Enjoying Life”

  1. i just saw something on utube. looks intense & fast & insane!!!! i’d scream my head off!!! 😛 🙂 slingshot sounds interesting. wonder what you’d make of the UK ones…tame i reckon. 😛 hey a crazy personality is pretty cool…makes you fun!!! 😛 🙂 🙂 🙂 or just a normal girl! 😉 😛 🙂 xx haha

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  2. Not much. But I do like thrill rides at theme parks. You ever heard of Shekra? I’ve been in that a few times. And I’ve been in a slingshot. But the only crazy thing about me is my personality.

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