Random Thanks

in my church there is a lady
Who every time I ask how she is doing…
She always responds “thankful”
Under breath I said to my best friend
“I wish I was always thankful”
But it wasn’t quiet enough,
Because the lady heard me
She said
“you are, you just don’t realize it”
So I started thinking of everything I am thankful for…
I couldn’t stop.
Literally, all day
Things to be thankful for
flowed out of my mouth.
Like a unstoppable train.
Like a never ending rain…
My schooling,
My parents,
My three siblings,
My talents,
My beautiful guitar
My home,
Its small
but I’ve never had to move out of it once.
I’m thankful for that,
Being in a stable home.
Moving around,
Was never a problem.
I’m thankful for my church
My best friend Daleah
And also my Nana and papaw,
My preacher and his wife
They are godly role models
I am thankful for my apparel,
My bed, and cosmetics
I don’t know what I would do without my mascara and foundation,
I am thankful for a shower, and water,
Food supply,
And books…
My many thriller books
And my favorite author Ted DekKer.
And I can’t forget my favorite singer!
Jimmy Needham, his music speak to me,
And I am thankful for when I can catch a movie!
I love cookies,
And ice cream,
Chinese food and Italian obviously,
I love cars and the transportation
And even tho I don’t own one… I am thankful for ford mustangs!
Walking would be dreaded with this humid heat.
But walking in style, that’s a nice feat!
I’m thankful for shoes
I’m thankful for music
And babies that I ever so often babysit.
There’s much to list
But I don’t have the time
Oh there’s one!!
I am thankful for my favorite color blue!
Back to what I got to do…


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