Off Limits Treasure


She wants him.
And she longs for him.
He is everything that she could ever dream of.
She keeps fighting to make him love her,
But it kills her
That it won’t work.
She won’t give up.
“Give it time”,
Is what she thinks in her mind.
If she only knew
She is not his type.
He is way out of her league.
She has ruined herself,
And lost her chance of getting
Someone like him.
She doesn’t deserve him.
He deserves much better,
Than to be taken by a girl like her.
Her purity is gone.
And she needs to move on.
There is someone waiting for her
Around the bend,
But she won’t take her eyes of what will never be hers.
He is an off limits treasure,
But she ignores the truth,
And ignores the facts.
She is just afraid to relive her past.
All she has to do is let go and let God;
But she won’t.
So she lives in a dream state.
Just waiting for the day
That the off limits treasure makes a mistake.


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