X Is My Name

My name is dreamer because I dream;
Always trying to change things;
Having my mind set high on everything;
Thinking it will work,
But instead I’m forced to settle.

Worker is my name
I hate playing the sitting game.
Always on the move
Getting things accomplished
However, unfortunately
People often take advantage.

My name is selfless.
I give until I have nothing.
A natural born giver.
Not the usual taker.
Others say that they
Would love to have this attribute,
But care too much about what they’d lose.

Original I am called.
People tend to avoid me,
Because in their mind I’m strange.
But really I am not,
I just do my own thing.
I don’t follow the trends.
I make my own choices.
What others say won’t have an effect on my way.

I am honest and I am true.
To lie, is not what I do.
For a liar I cannot stand.
From hell their lying words came.
And to hell they will return.
I won’t give an ear to the nonsense
That pours out of them.
They will by me be spurned.

I am a lover.
Not upfront tho
This characteristic is hidden like a treasure.
To see my loving side
Be loving to me
And there for me.
Be a true friend.
There til the end.

I am a very understanding person.
I feel what others feel.
Which is a good thing and a bad thing.
When someone hurts inside,
I feel their pain and with them I cry.
My compassion for those around me
Is so great sometimes I don’t count it a blessing.
I get stressed for others mental heartache
When it doesn’t involve me,
but I feel compelled to tell them
I understand
And I’m there for them.
That they won’t go through it alone,
Because I am a true friend.

I am super creative
Give me a string and a rock and I’ll make a broomstick…
Ok that may be a stretch,
But believe me when I say
I can make stuff from what people call trash.

I am a sensitive individual.
Things can break me down easily.
People can without trying truly hurt my feelings.
But maybe this is just one of my many short trees…


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