My Ephemeral Bucolic


She awoke to the rays of sunlight-
so bright-
that she struggled to open her eyes.
she felt cold blades grass under her silhouette.
she set up
in an instant,
and smelled petrichor redolent…
There was dew
that was formed on the incipient blooms around her. She assumed,
it was a harbinger of spring
that would be coming…
But as quickly
as she noticed these things,
she grew curious to the bucolic setting.
how she got there she wondered,
and why she was there she pondered …
But all of this wasn’t a bother,
for this wasn’t her first time there.
when times were tough,
And life was rough,
she would close her eyes,
and dream a dream,
striving to escape,
and hoping not to awake,
but unfortunately,
this was evanescent,
and it was ephemeral…
For only moments it would last,
and once this comatose past,
she was back into reality;
a place she hated to be…
Until next time (she would think),
My ephemeral bucolic…


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