Love Is Not An Open Door


So I hear that love is an open door
But really it’s not…
Its like a war
A war between two people
Battling themselves
Irrelevant arguments happen
Divorcement often
Because one or both won’t give up something.
Selfishness is literally the reason every time.
But all that was just said…
That’s not true love
True love means one’s wants and desires don’t override the other’s
If all couples would take this philosophy
There would be less catastrophe
Of the home,
And families
Kids wouldn’t go to bed at night crying
Because their parents are fighting…
Such a sad story.
I have had a very blessed life.
Loving parents that have stayed together
For 23 years this September!
I hate to imagine the incompleteness of a child’s heart
Knowing their parents will forever be apart
Love is not an open door
It is like war
War with ourselves and people that surround us
Would you give up something for a loved one?
I can’t stand these teeny boppers running around playing house.
Saying they have a boyfriend/girlfriend…
Wow you’re real mature…
Having an intimate relationship in a school bathroom.
That’s not only perverse
But it’s uncalled for.
When you are a mother or father in the future
And you grown up mentally
You will be embarrassed to tell you child how you spent your time
You wasted all of your teenage life
Because you thought you were in love
You thought you were cool
Come to find out
You were just a tool
Being physical
Isn’t “love”
Its a blessing God gave married couples to enjoy.
I know I’m not a preacher
And I know that I’m young,
But who says a young lady like me
Can’t share her beliefs
And don’t say that these are rules of a christian
Because that’s not true
Yes this is Biblical stuff
But I prefer to list them
as standards not rules.
Rules sound like no fun.
Standards are what smart people place in there life
To keep them from trouble
And keep them from hiding sin.
What fun is it
To hide everything?
Locking your phone,
For fear of someone noticing
Pictures you have stored,
Words you have sent,
I’m telling you now
If that’s you, repent.
Your life would be much better spent
Not wasting time
With this “dating” life.
How bout this…
If you like it
You gonna put a ring on it
So what are you waiting for?
Do it!
Oh, what’s that?
You’re not old enough to marry?
Then why are you dating?
Isn’t dating supposed to be a preparation for the wedding?
Love is not an open door.
Unless you’re talking about a door to war.
You have to fight for love.
Its not a pastime.
It’s a battlefield.
If he loves you he will fight for you
If she loves you she will fight for you
And if the love is true…
Then they will die for you.


2 thoughts on “Love Is Not An Open Door”

  1. Thank you very much 🙂
    Honestly, I think people just get too impatient with the waiting on who God has for them. But unfortunately it most likely doesn’t even cross people’s minds of waiting til the ‘right one’. There is such thing as a soul mate. And too many people don’t give that much thought. They get caught in the moment. And rush things… But thank you for your comment. Because I love feedback. In fact, your comment has inspired something for me to write down, that you might just see in the future 😉
    Thank you again for following and reading. Hope its always a blessing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I knew there had to have been a reason I decided to ‘follow’ you.

    Your post is so true. I got married the first time when I was not ‘grown up mentally’ and it ended in ‘divorcement.’ I was ready the next time around and it has been great. If more were as adult as you about love, a lot fewer relationships would be a war.

    Liked by 1 person

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