What is Perfect?

What is perfect?
Because honestly, I don’t know.
I somewhat fear the answer
Because I know I’m nowhere close.
Is it a certain size?
A particular height?
Is it a rare color of the hair and eyes?
Or maybe a characteristic
A personality…?
To be to be honest,
I think perfect is originality.
When whatever people say
don’t make you sway.
You stand firm in your beliefs. Others opinions don’t mean a thing.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way I’m not trying to be insensitive,
I’m aspiring to be positive;
to build up confidence
that everyone is perfect…
But what exactly is perfect?
Is perfect even worth it?
Blemish-free is boring.
So if that’s what you’re thinking I completely disagree.
If perfect is no freckles, bruises, scars, or acne,
then I am as far from perfect as the West is from the east.
So please tell me,
what is perfect?



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