Have you ever felt so upset
That you became physically sick
A tsunami of nauseousness
But because of lack of appetite nothing comes up
Only dry heaving
So upset
That you are mentally drained
To the point that you’re numb to all pain
Others who don’t know,
Think you’re deranged
So upset
That you’re thoughts are blurred
You go autopilot
And your emotions are seared
Losing a loved one, is the ultimate reason
The epitome is a death or possible breakup
Maybe someone who’s cheated on a lover
Cursed be them that have done that wicked endeavor
That they so selfishly do what they want
And never bother to think of who they might hurt
Its amazing how people can hurt so bad
And amazing that others don’t care
It’s inhumane
How can one not care about someone else’s feelings?
Its unnatural
And its these people
That make others numb.


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