The Empty Room

So quiet I can hear it
So dark I can see it
So empty I can touch it
So bland I can taste it
So odorless I can smell it

Chaos is brewing
I am going insane
This empty room I’m in
Is causing a sickness I can’t contain
My pores open up sweat and blood flows out of my skin
I melt away to nothing
And the room is left empty again

Walls don’t exist
This room is so empty
The eyes cannot see what is
And what isn’t the floor or the ceiling

The room is colorless
And can’t tell if it’s disappearing
It’s not black
It’s not white
It’s not opaque
It’s not transparent

The empty room is a nightmare
I am stuck in it somewhere
I have no clue how I got in here
No doors
No windows
No nothing…

It is empty


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