The Angel Of Death


I woke up.
Sweating profusely.
Shaking with tears coming down my face
I sat up.
I buried my face in my hands and tried to erase
the violently vivid dream
I had not seconds before.
I’m thirsty. I thought as
I stood to walk to the door
to hydrate my tongue that felt like sandpaper.
I didn’t get far before I felt dizzy.
The dream was surreal.
I didn’t want to think about it any longer.
But it was there.
Right in front of my eyes.
It wasn’t a dream…
The most beautiful creature I had ever seen.
So beautiful yet terrifying.
Like an angel, but with a devil’s eyes,
To stare me down
And with her smile
I was distracted
She seemed harmful in my dream
But now standing in from of me
Seemed harmless…
I stepped one step
And she disappeared
I searched in a panic
I grew very frantic
My fear came back
She gave me a hypnotic affect
But now she was gone…
I walked out of my room
And into the hallway
The light from the moon and stars
Cast shadows behind everything
I moistened my throat and ran back into my bed
Under the covers fearing death
The angel of death left my dream
Came out of my nightmare and into reality
I closed my eyes and what I did see
Was the angel of death coming for me
I felt my bed sink
Then realized it was me
I fell beneath the sheets, the mattress, and the floor,
I went underground and to my horror
I saw darkness
I felt heat
I smelled a stench of death come off of me
I looked at my arms and what I did see
Was the angel of death had become a part of me.
I was immune to the flames
The infernal place
It was now my new home
I felt a new
Sort of thing…
Like a calling
I was purged
Into the devil’s mind
I looked above and realized what I must do the next night…
(The next night)
I had black wings unfurled
Flew up to the sky
Looked around the earth
To see who was awake at night.


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