I’m Trapped

This poem is dedicated to someone in my life who has made many bad decisions pertaining to men in her life. Its a sad but true kinda story. She brought a lot of things on herself, but I still feel burdened about it. So here is the outpouring of my heart…

I’m Trapped

Adding up the years
Subtracting all the time
You told me that you loved me
But I was a void to fill your life
I was a roof over your head
I was a cheap house to live in
I’m fed of with you always taking
I’m done with always giving
I’m through with thinking
I will be a treasure to someone
Because I know I lost my chance to be with “the one”
I sometimes go to church
Here lately more frequent
I go to forget the hurt
I go to relent
My family had for years
Been waiting for my return
But I was selfish
And took advantage
Now I am reaping all the damage
If I could just go back in time
To change the fate of my life
I would do things right
So I’d avoid this plight
But I can’t
And I’m trapped
I got a kid
And I’m trapped
I got a man
And I’m trapped
I refuse to leave him
And I’m trapped
I ask for help
Because I’m trapped
I need to leave him and turn back
But I’m bound by these chains
From wrong decisions and pain
And mental heartache and rain
To change fate now would be like tryna block a train
So I’m done
Can’t go back
I am trapped


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