This is so accurate

The Liberated Polyglot

How do I impress,

how much I was blessed

for the moments we digressed

in the dueling matches,

in our verbal practice

of heated conversation

and pointed contemplation?


How do I express

all the truth

that you spoke to me

as we sat beneath the trees

in a far away country?

How you showed to me

this mean world

by forcing me to see.

Tearing down the myths

and the histories

fed to me

by those that disadvantage me,

the people who teach

the people who preach

all that they want to me.


How can I express what your truth

really means to me?

How you took my heart and

pointed it at the world’s brutality.

Opened up my eyes

to all of the lies,

all the stories spun

to denounce Truth’s cries,

to this country’s

bankrupt ideology,

tearing up the globe


and solidly too.

Showed to me


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