Best Friend


I remember before we met
I often cried myself to sleep at night
I longed for a friend
Someone just to talk to
Before we met
In all my previous “friendships”,
I was the friend,
But I was treated like an acquaintance
I was there when ever others needed somebody
I struggled to make others like me
But it never worked
And afterwards
I always felt foolish
So I started watching others converse and laugh
While I sat secluded
I felt real stupid…
I was the oddball
I was the strange one
Yeah, everyone knew me…
But they never would talk to me
So I went through a long phase of self-pity
I am very shy and introverted
But I need people in my life
I get lonely easily
And I have a lot of insecurities
But all of that changed about a year ago
When I met you and you met me, made we a duo
So thanks best friend
You restored my happiness
And for that I am very blessed.



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