An internal flame that kindles within me,
Grows and grows to escape my being.

Like a wild fire that cannot be tamed,
Is like the anger within that begins to rage.

A simple spark is what begins the fire
The fire that only fades with time.

For to others it seems the fire is a make up
But really it burns up, to make others wake up.
To teach a lesson, to express oneself
Anger isn’t always a bad behavioral health.

Anger isn’t wrong its needed
And isn’t always because we are conceded.
But emotions that must have exploded
All sadness and pain from the heart imploded.
Violently blood and tears to be shed
To express what is inside of the head.

That fury that swarms within me
Tries and tries to escape my being
Shouldn’t be loosed
Its like an untameable beast
That devoirs all things that surround me.
Leave the place when the anger begins
For if you don’t your life may end.


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