The Tragedy of Wanda

She ran into the bathroom
Mascara running down her pale cheeks
She tried not to cry
But she failed miserably
At hiding her pain inside
For it had been a long time coming
People were always judging
And hurtful comments were always made toward her
She was just a little bit different
That’s all
Her skin was just a different color
And her hair wasn’t like the others
But how did that make her any different?
She had often wondered
But now it doesn’t matter
Wanda said
As she bowed her head
Asking God to help her cope with the hateful words said
She got up and went to class
Just a few minutes late
So she asked the teacher for forgiveness
She always tried to be good
But felt the world against her
Suicidal thoughts were prevalent
Because she had never been made important
She was an orphan
Mother and father left her
No brothers or sisters
No friends
Just loneliness…
She wanted to end it
The misery
The possibility
Of being accepted by anyone was hard to believe
As she walked home from school
The cars on the highway zooming by
She decided she would no longer live a bullied life…

Next day on the news
“Fatal accident of young girl…”
The only attention
Wanda will have ever gotten
Would be when she was dead
For only a few seconds…


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