I get lonely
Even when I know You’re always here.
I forget Your presence,
Forget You’re always near.
When I feel no one is listening
And no one hears me cry,
Remind me that You are here
And all my tears a you will dry
When I get lonely.

Sometimes I get lonely,
Because I don’t make room for You in my life.
So selfish with carnal desires
I tend to lose my fire
And when I feel no one is listening
And no one hears me cry
Remind me:
That You are here and all my tears You will dry,
That there’s not a thing You miss,
Not a scrape You don’t kiss,
Not a death You don’t know,
Not a place You don’t go,
Not a cry You don’t hear,
Not a heart You won’t clear,
Not a soul in the grave that you will not save
That there doesn’t exist one single soul, that You don’t care for.
You are the healer.
You are the comforter.

When I get lonely
Remind me of those out there
Who never hears about You
And who don’t know you even care.
That You will save them from disaster
And comfort them in the midst of war.
And give them a song to sing,
When they are lonely.


3 thoughts on “Lonely”

  1. This is written about people (mainly Christians) who struggle with loneliness. When people fail us God is there. But unfortunately people forget God is with us everywhere we go, so loneliness shouldn’t ever be an issue. God is the comforter, and all we have to do is talk to him when we are sad. Hope that answers your question 🙂

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