Hearts That Crumble

As an earthquake that shakes the ground,
Sad and lonely feelings control the hearts and minds that abound.
Our souls that long for an eternal happiness,
And something that quenches the thirst from loneliness,
We shake from the misery
But ignore the cure, unfortunately.
The cure is a being,
That will never leave us weeping.
Invisible but assuring.
It will keep us believing:
In our future, in our relationship,
In our marriage, in our academics.
It keeps us going
Encouraging us to keep pressing on
To never give up
even when times are hard
It gives us a satisfaction that can’t be comprehended
Until it is accepted.
That’s when hearts are mended.
Hearts that crumble from exposure to the brutal hell on earth
If they don’t accept this being,
Will be doomed to eternal hell unbelievably worse.


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