Wake Up

These people throw their hands up in praise
To worship false gods that don’t mean a thing
They dance around fires and fall on their face
Giving their life to some god, if they only knew its all in vain.
What do we do?
Sit in a pew?
Meet once, maybe twice a week
“worship” God then back to the routine?
We need a revival.
A widespread of the gospel.
Just because we’re in the Laodicean Age
Doesn’t mean we can’t make a change.
This is sempiternal.
Everything we do.
One day we’ll look back at our idleness
We’ll see the wickedness.
We will see the potential of the lukewarm Christians.
But by then it will be too late.
We will have made one of our greatest mistakes.
Letting paganists pass us up on worshipping their gods and religious rituals-
Christians can be such fools…


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