The Victorious Christian Life

A foundation
Is only as strong as what its made of.
I want to be rock solid,
But how can I without the right make up?

On my own I am nothing;
No matter how hard I try to become something.
“Something” can’t be made without the Creator’s hand.
Why can’t people understand?

God is in everything we see.
He is the foundation we need.

The solid foundation that I desire
Is right in front of my eyes.
My sight has been seared by the flames of selfishness;
Scorched by the ashes of my own lusts, pride, and envy.
How long will I go on until I reach rock solid?
Only as long as it takes to acknowledge
Why I am here.
I’m not here for me, but for Him.
The One who supplies our every need.
Even the love I have for the love of my life can’t compare to the love He has for me.

So why does oppression take hold of me?
Why do I worry?
When will the grip of the world let go of me?
They do not provide the rock solid foundation I need.
They are made of water. They can’t support anything.
They can’t support a life.
They can’t support a home.
They can’t support a family or a church, No.
So why do I wish for the water they provide?
To quench my thirst of sin, of course.
God, give me the rock solid foundation I need to live the victorious christian life


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