This Is How I Feel

I feel like a cloud,
Floating in the air
I can’t touch the ground.

I feel like I’m cared for. Cherished.
Truly wanted.

I feel so good that I cannot explain
What it is inside that has killed the pain.

I feel lost for words,
From the words I see and hear that leave me speechless.

Like a live wire that will catch fire at any moment.

This is how I feel.
I don’t want it to fade.
I want to feel this way forever, everyday.

Like butterflies in my navel,
Invisible feathers that do tickle
And make me kinda giggle,
This is how I feel.

Smiles are never ending.
When at one time wasn’t me.
Grins and laughs that make me want to sing.
This is how I feel.

Walking on sunshine when rain used to be prevalent,
The chemistry I know says we are covalent.
Charged like a firework,
I am about to explode!
Shouting my feelings out to the world!
I am in love!
And I feel loved!
And I know I am loved!
This is how i feel!


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