This lonely and uninhabited place that I choose to dwell,
This utopia I have come to know too well,
Has secluded me from the world I had known.
And given me a solitude to meditate the Great Unknown.
A masterpiece from the Creator,
A priceless sculpture that has failed to lose value,
Is the world we all live in today, and take advantage of it in every way.
Thankfulness is a trait that has long been forgotten.
Us humans have become traitors of God
and haven’t loved Him enough.
For He is the reason we are alive today.
He is the reason our debt has been paid.
Solitude that is negatively so called
Is our hope of remembering how much we are loved!
Solitude and peace seem to hypnotize me,
The addiction it breeds
Isn’t bad it cures a need.
Need of recognition of God
And how he works through things.
How the sparrow learns how to fly,
And how the lion knows how to survive.
Amazing things that can’t be comprehended
Without faith we will never understand it
Evolution takes faith and also the Big Boom.
So why all the confrontation?
The Creation has been mistaken.
nothing could have formed all on it own,
Everything has a creator
From the largest mountain to the smallest atom.
Once solitude has made its way to every beings heart,
And fills the natural desire of a Spirit,
To complete the empty parts,
Then the world will be free
From captivity
Of the lies of Satan that penetrate their thinking.
For the prince of this world is no fool,
He will use everything and all possible tools,
To twist the thoughts of things eternal
So we think Heaven and Hell isn’t real.
Giving in to thoughts that are demonically driven
Is the reason the world has become so mentally sickened.
Dear God give us solitude.
So that we may have gratitude,
For Your love for us and Your power and Your creation.


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