Dumb Love (Is this Real)


Your eyes and your smile,
The way you walk the way you talk,
In my eyes you seem perfect in every way,
But are you?
Are you what they say?
Could this be I have blinded eyes,
And I can’t see a detrimental disguise?
At times I don’t care
And I want to be with you,
But then a being shakes me up and tells me to get a hold of my “want to’s”
My wants of love,
My wants of attention,
Wants of security,
And to never be left again.
This could be Dumb Love
But it could also be fate,
I wish I new if it was real or fake.
I don’t wish for my time to be wasted
On someone who will use me up as a toy that shouldn’t be played with.
I am far more precious than an easy tool
So to earn my love do not act a fool.
Put me first, and yourself second.
Tell me your love for me at every moment.
Why you love me and why you care
Is really all I want to hear.
For an insecure person in have become,
So build me back up,
With a fortress of love.
Dumb love wont last.
It is only temporary.
A crush that speaks love words but doesn’t mean anything,
Is not what I want,
I don’t want a flame
That will go out easy by just a drop of rain.
Rain will come and true loves fire will still kindle,
True loves fire doesn’t go out it last forever.
So do you love me?
Is this real?
Not knowing the truth is what I cannot bare to feel.


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