As a drug that was shot into my veins

I am dependent on you each and every day

I constantly ask myself “why not change?”

But all I get is mournful regret From asking such a stupid thing.

I am not able to live without my drug

For there is no other reason to live, but for love

But in my heart a guilt remains

From committing an addiction that will never sustain

My heart, for I’m weak

I get jealous too easy

And I panic and worry

For being left from the beginning

My life is but a vapor

So is there any point to live?

Much less take what’s left of my heart and always to the drugs give?

Will this ever stop?

Heartache and turmoil?

Heaven awaits me, and is my survival

From the Hell on Earth that I constantly feel.

The unstable desire, of the drugs to fulfil

My thirst for more and

More and more poison.

Infecting my body for the God Forsaken reason

To be something, to be

Held, loved, and cherished

For I’m not an object that is to be played with.

So will you my drug, take this and run?

Or will you stay and never leave like me some?

Fickle minds, will one day ruin me.

And empty words that say “I love you”, will be the death of me.

Addicted to a Drug that can’t be erased,

Its a necessity, I need, that won’t be replaced.


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