This cage you have me in

Won’t hold me for much longer

I will break my chains

And will forget the pain

I will escape the stronghold and be stronger.

Nothing can stop me

I will overcome

Nothing to override me

I am my own.

I decide what to do

I decide who I will be

I decide where i will go

And I’ll put to use all my thinking.

All my thoughts I have kept inside.

And in these words secrets do hide.

But one day it will all make sense

And you will ask me for my forgiveness.

Hidden treasures that I seek

Won’t be kept any longer from me

As a lion that roars

I shout to the sky

“I am free at last! I will live my life!”

Overcome by evil

Overcome by pressure

Overcome by all of my wicked endeavors.

But i will laugh at your death

As I will burn your casket.

The grave is where you will stay,

Never come back to haunt me again

And control my life with your invisible hand.

So this cage I have known so long

And at one time did call my home

Is past, I’m through

I am done with you,

And I won’t turn back,

I am on the right track

Having victory for once

Instead of defeat

I feeling I never knew 

Its what I did need.

Goodbye cage,

And farewell,

 I’m sure there are others who will desire to dwell

Inside of you, though it isn’t wise

Your cage can be a deadly disguise.


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